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Mama Bear Keychain

I love this. It's the perfect size. It's soft on the back. I love the rainbow embroidery.


Little demouras quality is amazing. I'm never disappointed it has become my go to shop for gifts as well!

Amazing Custom Doll!!!

My daughter is obsessed with her custom mermaid doll!!! And quite frankly, so I am!!! Gina was a breeze to work with and the quality is top notch!!! We have already placed another order!


Berklee is in love with her “Baby!” She won’t leave the house without it! The quality of this product is hands down the best, especially with a 2 year old that throws everything around! We will be buying more, no doubt!!!!


These dolls are perfect and beautiful. My daughter's love them!

Lovely doll ❤️

I’m falling in love with this cute doll. The doll is made exactly like I want! Very well made. My daughter loves this beauty so much. Thank you!


My little ones favorite doll. So much attention goes into every detail. We love it!

Our favorite doll!

We ordered a custom ballerina with an airplane dress for my daughter’s 2nd birthday & she is just lovely! Just the right size, the custom requests turned out beautifully & the craftsmanship is just perfection! Thank you so much LDD for an amazing gift! We just love her!

Best doll ever !

We ordered a custom for my daughter's birthday and it was amazing! She has long curly hair and it's so soft! It looks just like my little girl! Every little girl needs one of these! ❤️


I purchased Nikoletta during Weekend Market that Little LeDemoura holds every 1st & 3rd Saturday on the VIP Facebook group. Shipping was so fast! Since then, “Owly”, has gone everywhere with us, even Ella’s pageant. The quality is great and the material is so soft. I love this shop so much I ordered a custom doll ❤️


My daughter loves her little doll! We've had it for over a year and it's still as good as new.

Great play friend.

My daughter loves her little dolls so much she has multiples at her grandmother's house so she can play with them no matter where she isaid at. Well made and long lasting I highly recommend.


These are the perfect little buddies for your little one! Well made!

Rainbow rattle

Perfect for your little one to play with! My daughter will be 5 this summer and these rattles are still one of her favorite toys to play with. Safe and fun!

Heart hammer

My daughter loves her heart hammer!

Hammer Rattle

My daughter is almost 5 and still loves her Rattle Hammer!! They make the best toys!

Flower snuggle baby

My daughter loves her snuggle baby! So well made and stands up to a lot of play time.

Snuggle Mermaid

Sorry my photos are not better, I'll get more detailed ones up. My daughter has had her Mermaid snuggle baby for a couple of years now and loves it! Well made & long lasting!

Best rattle EVER

we are so in love with this rattle!! It fits perfectly in my baby girls hand and it is nice and loud! We've gotten rattles from other shops before but they weren't loud enough to keep her attention!

Beautiful lovey

Alexa is so soft and goregous! Every little girl needs her!